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Rocket Bunny Studio

Bun-Pens - Ballpoint Pens - Happy Sun

Bun-Pens - Ballpoint Pens - Happy Sun

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If you're sticking with the old skool way and writing everything down with pen and paper, we totally understand! We love handwritten notes and letters, we love journaling-- we just love writing

Because we wanted to share our love of writing with you, we decided to create Bun-Pens! Bun-Pens are available in various colors and in either ballpoint or gel pen! (iykyk, right?)

Each Bun-Pen is unique, featuring hand-applied Rocket Bunny art. Colors are released in very limited batches, so be sure to grab your favorite soon!

Available in Ballpoint or Gel in the following styles:
- Tiger the Rice Cooker
- Happy Sun
- BunPuns

Ballpoint pen:
- Retractable
- Black ink
- 1.0mm Medium Point

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