🤩 Kawaii Throwback! - Request for Media

Jan 10, 2024, 11:10:12 AM to Rocket Bunny Events Vendors
Guess what day it is! (it’s Hump Day lol iykyk)
Hiya everyone! It’s actually day one of Spotlights! Let us feature you! We want to highlight and share our kawaii small businesses! Send us your product photos, business highlights, or even a video about your business (please keep it 30-60 seconds) to be featured in our spotlight posts.
What to send us: 
- at least four media files. (Edited at high-resolution if possible)
- Your business logo (high-res, transparent background is best)
- You will be featured in your own post once
- if you purchased an additional spotlight post, please provide enough media for both posts!
- a blurb about what we should tell people about your business (we will rewrite this for the post so it can just be quick notes)
- a photo of you/your team
Anything you leave out, we’ll either leave out or make generic. If you haven’t provided anything to us, we can’t post you!
Just as a note, by the time you’ve read this, Lycheeneko might already be posted. (at 11:32am) This is what our posts will look like.
We will be scheduling these posts every day. There is no specific order, just whatever media we happen to see first is usually what goes next. Many of you have already provided media (business logo, product photos, you/your team). If you want to change up what you’ve already sent or add some stuff, feel free to send again. 
The sooner you send stuff, the better! It’s actually a huge help since we both have full-time jobs 😅 If you have any questions, please let us know! 
Thank you,
Rocket Bunny Events Team
Leah - Rocket Bunny Studio
Jaclyn Sinulid Co.
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