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Jan 6, 2024, 11:30:18 AM to Rocket Bunny Events Vendors
Hello Everyone! :)
Hope everyone is gearing up and working on inventory/prep for the event! I'm still going through registration, but I just finalized the pile of event media graphics you'll find in the folder linked. 
A few things:
  • Kawaii Throwback! is our theme this year. (80s, 90s, 00s) - I'm pointing this out because I know that some artists will want to create their own event media based on the theme. (I do this, so go for it!) Otherwise, feel free to use the images in the folder.
  • Media types. 
    • Story: Posts for Instagram/Facebook/anywhere there are story features. 
    • 1x1: Square post (probably just Instagram) 
    • Banner: For anywhere you'd use a banner. (Maybe a blog? idk lol)
  • Social media posts. Please try to post the event on your static timelines for the most visibility to the public! Use the stories whenever, but remember that they disappear after 24 hours. It's always really cool seeing the Official Vendor posts on your timelines!
    KPLV24 Official Vendor.PNG
    • Please tag @rocketbunnyinc, @sinulidco, and @_kawaiipalooza on all posts
    • There are too many vendors to tag on the Instagram caption but I'll send out a master list of tags once I finalize the vendors list.
    • Posting at least once a week about the event would be perfect!
We're going to start vendor spotlight posts soon, so you'll start to see an influx of posts and tags about the event on the Rocket Bunny Inc. channels. (If you don't know, Rocket Bunny Inc. is my events operation. We do this so my shop pages aren't bombarded with event stuff. I do art too 🥲)
If you haven't already, please send us your logo and any product photos you want featured in your spotlight post. Everyone gets one spotlight post for free. Because this ends up being a lot of work, I will reach out once to ask you for anything you want featured. It is your responsibility to provide whatever you need so we get you posted. 
Spotlight posts that get the most likes and interactions:
  • Photos of your beautiful face
  • High quality product photos
  • Quick business-related videos
  • Quick blurb about your business
  • Your social media handles
Additional spotlight posts can be purchased for $5. Let us know if you'd like a second post. Please note I am no professional when it comes to graphic design or video editing, but I do my best to make sure the essence of your business is captured. 
That's all for now! Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a kawaii weekend :)

 KPLV24 - Ask for link or check your email :)

Thank you,
Rocket Bunny Events Team
Leah - Rocket Bunny Studio
Jaclyn Sinulid Co.
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